1. Who do you know who suffered from anorexia nervosa (AN)?
2. Did the sufferer seek medical advice about anorexia nervosa (AN)?
3. What is the sufferer's gender?
4. How old was the sufferer when they had anorexia nervosa (AN)?
5. How much of their body weight did the sufferer lose due to anorexia nervosa (AN)?
6. How long did the sufferer have anorexia nervosa (AN)?

Please submit a survey for each suffer you are aware of, including yourself.

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Approximately 1.25 million people in the UK alone have an eating disorder. Suffering from anorexia is not only not something to be ashamed of, but it is not something you are alone in either. If you want to share your experiences with us- either to seek advice, or so that others can be reminded recovery is possible- we want to hear it! Your story could be what makes someone get on the road to recovery!

If you are comfortable with us doing so, we will also share your stories to our Facebook and Twitter pages, though we will never do so if you did not tick the box agreeing to this. Your stories will be kept anonymous, and we will remove any personal information that could identify you and correct any spelling and grammar errors in the last section.


Your Story

Share Your Story

Every place is a classroom

Every person is a teacher

Every anorexia story can

help someone thrive again!

One in two people have suffered from an eating disorder or knows someone who has. Over 30 million people are suffering in the USA and 1.25 million in the UK. When it comes to dealing with an illness that is still tainted with harmful stigma, sufferers are left feeling guilty and shameful.


Sharing your story really can help!