We rely on your generosity to propel this educational movement forward. Your donation goes towards our mission; administrative costs are entirely absorbed by the Board of Trustees.

Thank you for believing in the Elephant in the Room Foundation (EitRF.org) and supporting this worthy cause. 


How to support the EitRF

 Fundraise for Us

EitRF.org welcome all kinds of events, coffee mornings, bake sale or any creative ways to educate and raise awareness as well as to fundraise for this good cause.

We are registered with Virgin Money Giving, where it is easy to set up your own event to fundraise for us and we are happy to help you set it up and promote your event, just let us know.

Direct Donation

We are mindful of transaction fees to ensure that as much of your gift as possible goes to the nonprofit work we do To learn more, please email us directly: THRIVEAGAIN@EitRF.ORG

Corporate Giving

Decades of misconception harbor ineffective treatment that robbed the lives of so many talented youths.


Corporations can make a meaningful impact in solving this societal tragedy via cause-marketing sponsorship and exposing life saving information worldwide.

Your Expertise

If you have ideas, we would like to hear them.

Can you help us spread our message through your business network or creativity outlet, e.g. song, painting, sculpture?


The more help the Elephant in the Room Foundation has, the more we can do in reaching a wider audience worldwide.


We appreciate your generosity in sharing 
your expertise

 Share Your Story

AN can be a long and lonely battle.


EitRG.org would like to hear your story so that others may learn from you as well as identify that they are not alone.


Thank you for sharing your story with us. EitRF.org keeps your identity and your contact information confidential.

Your Testimonials

We would like to make more people aware of the mission of EitRF.org so we can help the youths and others with AN and their families' struggles with the battle of AN.


We rely on the power of word of mouths to begin the spread of the message behind EitRF.org.

Have we helped you?


We would love to hear about it.

Join Our Team

Tell us your qualification and your interest in joining our Board Trustees.

Or join our dedicated committee.


We are a vibrant team carrying out action to fulfill the mission of the Elephant in the Room Foundation.

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